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Multizone terminal with touchscreen display

TH Plus is the multizone terminal with touchscreen display that lets you manage up to 8 thermal zones. Just a touch of your finger sets the temperature you want in each room and keeps everyone happy, bringing maximum domestic comfort to each room and also respecting the environment.
Being able to set different temperatures and monitor the log of your energy consumption means you can make significant energy savings, of economical benefit for the whole family. Bpt’s latest offspring even lets you control the system from your smartphone, via the TH Thermo App.
The heart of the temperature regulation system is the THPlus supervision terminal with its innovative design, which communicates with the TA/P1 zone thermostats, compatible for installation with the main domestic series, and the actuators for the zone solenoid valves.
The system has a self-configuration program that permits automatic installation using just a few commands, directly from the terminal and without using a PC.


Can manage up to 8 thermal zones,
achieving the ideal temperature
in each room.
Thanks to the user-friendly graphic interface
and the 4.3 inch touchscreen display,
you can programme and use
TH Plus quickly and simply.
Thanks to being able to manage 8 thermal
zones, monitor energy consumption and
control TH Plus from your smartphone,
you can achieve maximum comfort
at home with waste.
TH Plus can be perfectly integrated into the
CAME DOMOTIC 3.0 home automation system.