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Futura, the new line of monitors with 7" display, completes Bpt's range of video entry systems.

Futura is an innovative range of video entry monitors, distinctive for its wide TFT LCD 7" colour display that guarantees never before seen picture sharpness.

Subtle in white or more assertive in black, Futura has a distinctive, simple design that's both elegant and sophisticated and that goes with any type of décor. Its compact size – it is only 28 mm deep – means it packs a technological punch. It can be integrated perfectly with any room, thanks to the three methods of installation: wall-mounted, recessed in the special back-box, or with an elegant perspex table-top support.

Futura is the perfect expression of Bpt's philosophy. It is a latest-generation product that's advanced but very intuitive and user-friendly. This is not least because of the soft-touch side buttons and those under the display that are for activating the most frequently used functions.

Futura is available in 3 models that are distinct in terms of the functions offered and installation method.

Futura X1
Futura X1 is the entry-level model in the range, designed to make life simpler for users and compatible with Bpt's 2-wire X1 system powered by bus or with separate power supply. Some basic functions are available, such as answering and hanging up, door release, self-connection with cyclic selection of entry panels, adjusting the monitor's brightness and colour saturation, setting ringtone volume, through to disabling the ringtone with an LED warning light.

Futura X1 has 8 buttons for making intercom calls to other users on the system, 2 auxiliary buttons that can be used, for example, to switch on the stairwell lights or to open the vehicle entrance gate, and a "Panic" button to call the concierge for help (SOS), for use in an emergency. All communications are hands-free, and the audio to the entry panel can be interrupted, to provide conversation privacy.

Futura X1 was designed with the aim of promoting energy savings, keeping consumption down and making installation easy, by reducing the number of additional power supply units and simplifying the system wiring. In fact, in systems with more than one video receiver answering the same call, you can use the “Video Toggle” function that displays the picture of the caller only on the internal receivers set up as "Masters", but at the same time enables you to transfer the video to the secondary internal receivers set up as “Slaves”.

Futura X2
Futura X2 is the highly functional intermediate model, compatible with Bpt's 2-wire X1 system with separate power supply. It differs from the X1 model in that it also has the “Picture Capture” function that permits pictures coming in from the video entry system entry panel to be stored automatically or in the course of the conversation. It also has a 4-wire input for one entry panel per floor and permits some regulation via OSD, or by superimposing the picture on the display.

But the real revolutionary of the range is Futura IP, Bpt's first IP-ready video receiver designed for a different mode of communication. Compatible with the state-of-the-art XIP digital system, it has an integrated web-server for setting up and managing the system via browser and is equipped with an RJ45 port for direct connection to a LAN network. Futura IP turns on immediately if connected to PoE (Powered Over Ethernet) network devices, but also has terminals for connection to a local power supply. Its compatibility with SIP video and Voice over IP protocols (H.264 video compression, G.711 audio codec) make it a device that can be integrated into the most complex systems.

Futura IP
Futura IP has a simple and intuitive graphic interface, available in several languages, with a system of icons to assist the user and guide him/her through how to use the various functions on the menu.

Perfectly compatible with Bpt's Home Sapiens home automation system, Futura IP can be connected via Ethernet to other devices, such as IP cameras for live display of what they are filming so as to provide effective control of all the areas under video surveillance.

Bpt's innovative video receiver enables you to receive calls from XIP entry panels or from the concierge and make unlimited intercom calls to other Futura receivers or smartphones and tablets, by searching for contacts directly in the Directory or the Favourites menu, or by keying in the number on the virtual keyboard.

The following stand out among the most advanced features: video voice mail that can record calls automatically or on demand, which stores and lets you view the messages left by people who were looking for you while you were away; customisation of polyphonic ringtones that can be imported via the web-page; the "Audio Notes" function that lets you record and later play back voice messages on the device itself.

Thanks to its digital technology, Futura IP is the crowning glory of a latest-generation video entry system equipped with all the options and features. As a result it becomes the technological hub of the home, an access point from which to check, put into communication, and manage all the connected devices in an integrated way.