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The ideal temperature in each room

With the new TH Plus multizone terminal you can control up to 8 thermal zones, setting the temperature you desire for each of them, and display the external temperature, humidity, pressure and atmospheric trend.

TH Plus is the new supervision terminal, with its innovative design and touchscreen display with user-friendly graphic interface, which comes with TA/P1 zone thermostats compatible for installation with the main domestic series and the actuators for the zone solenoid valves.

The system lets you control 8 thermal zones, one controlled directly from the terminal equipped with a special on-board temperature sensor, the others controlled through zone thermostats or indoor sensors. The multizone also allows you to connect sensors for installation outside the home so that you can view the external temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and atmospheric trend. All the devices are connected to the terminal via the field bus and a customised program can be set for each thermal zone for each day of the week.

In a home organised over more than one floor, or in any event of a certain size, a traditional temperature regulation system would have a number of limitations: for example, traditional thermostats or digital thermostats would detect the building's temperature only at the spot where they are installed. Consequently, in the area of the thermostat the room would be at the programmed temperature, while in more distant rooms it could exceed or not reach the threshold set. Also, a temperature regulation program that set precise temperatures for different times of the day would of necessity involve all the rooms without any differentiation. TH Plus and the whole multizone system have been designed to solve these very problems!

If used with thermostats, the temperature in each zone, should the user require it, can also be adjusted manually, for a period set during the programming phase. In addition, the thermostats and sensors have an input to which magnetic contacts for windows can be connected, so that the heating or cooling of a single zone can be blocked when the relative window is opened, thus avoiding waste and keeping a check on consumption.

A main feature of the system is its ease of installation; in fact it has a self-configuration program that makes installation automatic with just a few commands from the TH Plus terminal, without using a PC.

Then it is easy to integrate the multizone terminal and the sensors into Bpt's Home Sapiens home automation system as the field bus used is the same for both systems. In addition, via the special TH Thermo app to be installed on your smartphone, you can also manage and control the system remotely.

The system is also available in a practical kit for installing a basic three-zone system, which can be expanded at any time.


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